The Baylor Project WGBH Livestream from Friday March 31st

Thanks to WGBH for livestreaming the Baylor Project concert from Friday, March 31st.

The video will be available on their website at this link soon.

The Baylor Project – A husband. A wife. An astonishing debut. Marcus and Jean Baylor’s highly anticipated collaboration is steeped in the heart and soul of Jazz. As the children of Pastors, Marcus and Jean’s musical roots were planted deep within the church, and it was there that the road was paved for the influence of gospel, blues, soul, and jazz to make it’s mark. “The Baylor Project” pays homage to their wide ranging musical influences, and in so doing, they generate an eclectic sound whose overall effect is spiritual, buoyant, and feel good music. Soulful. Melodic. Authentic.